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We Ping Good Things To Life

We Ping Good Things to Life

We Ping Good Things To Life is an ever evolving and expanding interactive networked installation that brings together elements of Toy Theater, Vaudeville performance, Surrealism, and consumer culture. Users can activate dozens of found and appropriated objects to create a unique performance, alone or with others, via the live streaming video feed.

We Ping Good Things to Life can be seen at weping.es.

We Ping Good Things to Life launched on February 20th, 2012 with “Act 1: Remember when we used to have Fun?” exploring the secret life of toys. New acts examining assemblage, puppetry, and animatronics through themes of cabaret and the circus sideshow have been introduced every three weeks and will continue through June 4, 2012. Subsequent acts have included: “Act 2: Play for Me!”, an homage to Tom Igoe reviewing the tradition of live music, and oh, monkeys; “Act 3: America’s Favorite!” an examination of masculinity and the influence of American popular media; and “Act 4: Some people would give their right arm for the privilege” comments on the sacrifice people make to participate in show business.

We Ping Good Things To Life is a 2011 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. for its Turbulence website. It was made possible with funding from the Jerome Foundation.

Technical Information

This project makes use of Arduino, jQuery Mobile, jQuery Mobile Carousel, JW Player, Node.js, Socket.IO, and Wowza Streaming Server. It is best experienced on a desktop computer with a WebKit based browser such as Apple Safari or Google Chrome.


The artists would like to thank John Duane, Jo-Anne Green, Tom Igoe, Jarvis Rockwell, Danny Rozin, The Seven Family, and Helen Thorington.

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